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Chemcode ®

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Product description

Keyboard with periodic system of elements, numeric keyboard, double spaced display and a range of services with numerous functions.
The keyboard with the complete periodic system of elements allows a quick input of the molar mass of elements and is being completed by the comon numeric keyboard. Thereby, stoichiometric calculations can be executed much quicker and in a more comfortable way than ever before. Four keys for the nucleotides of DNS (A, T, G, C) and RNA (A, U, G, C) make it possible to quickly and directly tipe in the molar mass of every single nucleotide or olignucleotide-strands. A double spaced display with scroll function offers enough space to comfortably oversee even longer molecular formulas completely in the first line. Using the scroll function it is especially helpful to enter nucleotides of olignucleotide-strands within the scope of molecular biological functions.

Range of services
The numerous functions can be activated mostly by two menu navigation keys (MF: Mainfunctions and SF: Subfunctions). A shorthand symbol on the left margin of the first line shows the currently opened menu (e.g.: “SOL” = solutions ; “C1” = concentrations 1 ; etc.). The calculator offers stoichiometric and molecular biological functions (especially for PCR) and various scientific computational functions, mostly integrated as double functions of numerical keys. These can be activated by pressing the “inv”-key and the corresponding numerical key.

Stoichiometrical functions
chemcode® directly displays the following informations when a molecular formula is entered: the molar mass and the ideal gas volume; when additionally the amount of substance is given (in mol): the mass that is to be weighed in (in gr.) ; when additionally the substance mass is given (in gr.): the corresponding molar mass (in mol) ; in the menus "Formula" and "Element Part(ition)" is calculated: the molecular formula of a substance (when the percentage of the elements is entered and the molar mass in known) ; the percentage of single elements and element groups in percentage or gr. (elementary anaylsis) ; calculation in order to prepare solutions with different concentrations (in mol / l): the substance mass (in gr.) ; direct convertion of solutions: the concentration of the amount of substance (in mol / l ; molarity) to concentration of the amount of substance (in g / l) and reverse ; mass percent to molarity ; determines in case of delutions: liters that have to be applied ; calculation of titrations: the amount of substance in mmol.

Molecular biological functions
Functions for the PCR (polymerase chain reaction): after entering a nucleotide sequence (keys for bases A, T, G, C for DNA and A, U, G, C for RNA) the chemcode® displays: the corresponding protein code for every base triplet ; the percentage of the complementary base pairs guanine and cytosine ; the molar mass of the nucleotide sequence as single- and double-strand ; the molar mass of the protein sequence coded by oligonucleotide ; when the optical density is added: the amount of substance of the nucleotide sequence in nmol ; if the amount of substance of the nucleotide sequence is given chemcode® displays: the optical density of the nucleotide solution ; when the nmol of a DNS-solution (1 ml) is entered it shows directly: the amount of substance of the DNS segement in ng ; when the concentration of Na+ in mol / l is entered: the melting temperature of the oligonucleotide offers an overview of the base triplets by which an amino acid is coded in a submenu.

Lexical functions
chemcode® directly converts: temperature into Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin ; disposes of a key to apply in calculations / recall data of the atomic mass unit “u” ; fascilitates the recall of different constants, e.g.: Avogadro´s constant, Faraday constant among others ; offers functions for the recall of chemical, biological and physical characteristics of elements and further information, e.g.: melting point ; boiling point ; electronegativity ; chemcode® offers 10 memory locations for the recall of individually needed information in the three areas of function: stoichiometry ; molecular biology (PCR) ; lexical functions

chemcode® saves time: calculations are much faster than all previous means. For this purpose the handy and clear periodic system of elements keyboard is a big help
chemcode® saves space: easy to store (size: 136 x 110 x 14 mm small). chemcode® will be your daily companion!
chemcode® saves money: no need to use costly tables ; you will be able to calculate faster, work more efficiently and many long-winded calculations will belong to the past ;
chemcode® mobility: calculate everywhere and anytime – calculate directly next to the laboratory balance or to the sequencer without having to go back to your PC!
chemcode® security: applicable everywhere with closed housing. While working in the laboratory or outside this is a clear advantage over PCs and notebooks.
chemcode® recuction of errors: reduce input errors due to the one-key-system when entering the molar mass of an element on the periodic system of elements keyboard.

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