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Necklet Blood Sample

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Product description

Blood Sample

Blood Sample

Design: chemoline®

Bringing a smile into your everyday work. Extraordinary and decorative laboratory necklace for confident women.

The necklace is comprised of a small sample bottle (edge: 11mm) that is filled with red-colored water and decorated with a small bat made of polyethylene and beautifully draped glass beads.

- the necklace is 460mm long
- the ring consists of high-grade steel wire, coated with polyethylene
- the closure is made of 925 silver
- packaged in a Petri dish (Ø145mm) made of transparent polystyrene
- handcrafted in Rhineland – a special Part of Germany

“Selfconfident women do not try to blur the difference between men and women – they stress it.” Coco Chanel (* 19th of august 1883 in Saumur † 10th of january 1971 in Paris) was one of the most important fashion designers of the 20th century. In 1911 she opened her first shop in Paris. Chanel was the first to see costume jewelry as an important part of her lines.

Blood Sample - the perfect gift for the modern chemist

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