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Shower curtain "Periodic System of Elements"

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Product description

Shower curtain

Shower curtain imprinted with the Periodic System of Elements

Shower curtain with the complete „Periodic System of Elements”. Enjoy this timesaving version of chemistry tutoring while having a shower.

This shower curtain, which is imprinted with the Periodic System of Elements, is especially known from a US-cult series: The Big Bang Theory. It´s about two young and nerdy physicists living in a shared apartment next to the flat of a young and beautiful, but naive waitress. The series was launched in Germany in july of 2009 (Pro7).

“The PSE is a kind of a genealogical tree: the elements in the different columns posess similar physical and chemical characteristics (close relatives) while elements in different rows change their characters more significantly (third nieces and nephews ).” Wolfgang W. Merkel, sciende editor, http://debatte.welt.de/kolumnen/95/fuenf+minuten+chemie/116298/die+ordnung+der+elemente

size: 180cm x 180 cm
material: 70% ethylene vinyl acetate, 30% polyethylene

The item will be delivered without slide bar, mounting material and clamps. On the upper trim of the shower curtain a 3cm-cuff is located. Here you find perforated shanks with different diameters (max. 1,7cm).

Please note that while having a shower due to arising reduced pressure, the curtain can be pulled towards the body.

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