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Wall clock "Chemical times"

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Wall clock "Chemical times"

Wall clock "Chemical times"

Atoms are assorted in the PES according to their proton number (atomic number). Hydrogen, for example, has just one proton. Therefore it has the atomic number ”1”. Chrome, however, has the number “24” due to it´s 24 protons.
In the summer of 1983 professor Bassam Shakhashiri of the University of Wisconsin had a beautiful idea. He replaced the usual numerics of a common wall clock with element symbols. This way, 1am becomes “chrome” and 1pm (in Germany we say “thirteen o´clock”) becomes Aluminium (which counts with thirteen protons). And this is exactly why now five o´clock is chlorinetime instead of teatime!

size: Ø 34cm, depth: 5cm
clockwerk: quartz
material: plastic glass, external edging: java green
guaranty: 2 years
weight: (excluding battery and packaging) 675g
battery: AA

“Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.”  John Archibald Wheeler

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