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For some, the concepts of “chemistry” and “quality of living” just won´t go together. “Chemistry” is often associated with danger, toxicity, incidents in chemical plants, melamine present in the milk of Asian origin, acrylamide found in potato chips or antibiotics contaminating the environment. But this, of course, is not the whole story.
There is another – very important – side of chemistry.
The chemical industry in North Rhine-Westphalia (the German federal state with the largest population and traditionally home to a vast part of the German industry) occupies 110.000 employees alone. In addition to that, at least 100.000 more work in related areas: for authorities, institutes, universities, senior technical colleges or as chemistry teachers. All these well-educated people are working for the enhancement of our quality of living every day.
Wilhelm “Willi” Hundt, a chemical laboratory worker who worked together with H.W. Zillger in the ZW-laboratory of the Bayer AG in Leverkusen in the 1980s, complained about the fact that chemists tended to hide themselves from the public way too often. “People working in the chemical industry go almost without being noticed in our society. Chemistry has to be made visible to the people. One should establish a chemistry boutique or arrange public experimental lectures like the famous chemist Justus von Liebig did in the 19th century”, he explained.
In 2001, finally, the chemical technician H.W. Zillger opened the „chemoLine®“-shop. The goal was to offer interesting products like teaching aids, toys, gifts, art, freebies, T-shirts, ties and so much more for scientists like chemists, physicists, biologists, mathematicians and their fellow men. For this reason, chemoLine®“-shop became the first shop to offer chemistry merchandising in Germany.
In 2009 the merchant Florian Zillger joined his father´s company and the Zillger GbR was founded on the 1st of january 2009. Florian Zillger brought fresh ideas to the company and created a new and modern online shop. He also suggested incorporating chemicals, used by his father in the kitchen, to the shop. Hans Werner Zillger, the skilled chemical laboratory worker, chemical engineer and passionate amateur chef frequently uses various chemoLine®-products while cooking. He minces spices in his mortar, stores ingredients in flasks and prepares sauce in a beaker.

“If you really enjoy something, you will take it serious.” Quote: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Uhlenbruck, German medic and famous aphorist. Born on the 17th of June 1929 – Cologne

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