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"Le Pharmacien"

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Le Pharmacien

Le Pharmacien wood engraving of J.J. Grandville

Wood engraving : J. J. Grandville

In good condition with slight fox marks, 29x19cm (hxb)

J.J. Grandville (* 3rd of September 1803 in Nancy; † 17th of March 1847 in Vanves near Paris) was a french drawer, book ilustrator and cartoonist. More than anything his time-critical and often scurrile drawings that showed persons as animals made him famous. As a 20-year-old Grandville started studying minuture painting in the Paris-based artist´s workshop of Hippolite Lecomte. But he soon turned away from painting and started to devote himself to lithography. He attracted attention when he published a series of 70 humorous genre pictures called Les métamorphoses du jour that showed people with the heads of animals. He continued publishing satirical works and became one of the most important artists in the two satirical magazins La Caricature and Le Charivari after the July revolution. Besides he worked for publications like onvoi de la liberté, Basse cour or Mât de cocagne that focused on political life and culture. When new laws prohibited political caricature in September 1835, Grandville turned once again to more general satirical publications. Grandville created various ilustrations for a significant number of books at that time.

Like Honoré Daumier, Grandville was one of the most important satirical drawers in France in the 19th century. Max Ernst once said about Grandville: “A new world is born, applaud to Grandville.” 142 years after his death in a sanatorium, where he was institutionalized due to various strokes of fate, the famous pop band “Queen” used several of his ilustrations for the cover of their album “Innuendo”.

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