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"The Chemist"

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The Chemist

The Chemist of Albert Henry Payne

Albert Henry Payne

English-German steel engraver and art publisher (1812 London - 1902 Leipzig)

The Englishman Albert Henry Payne is born on the 14th of december in 1812. Payne becomes a steel engraver but works as a painter and inlustrator at the same time. Since 1838 he works in Leipzig where he becomes a citizen in 1845 and establishes the publishing house “Englische Kunstanstalt”.

Therefore Payne creates ilustration works as "Payne's Boy", "Dresden Gall", 1845; "Payne's illustrated London", 1846; "Payne's Orbis Pictus", Dresden and Leipzig 1851, "Payne's Panorama des Wissens u. d. Gewerbe", Leipzig 1859. Furthermore his artistic oeuvre includes works like "Rainvilles Garten", around 1850, colored steel engraving, "Tivoli Theater in Hamburg", around 1860, colored steel engraving, "Pyrawang in Österreich", around 1840, steel engraving, "Stolpen" (Burg), around 1840, watercolored steel engraving, "Boston", USA (State Street and bench and Old State House), around 1845, steel engraving.

The artist dies on the 7th of May in 1902 in Leipzig.

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