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The Magic Windmill

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Hui-Hui Maschine

Hui-Hui Maschine Bestellnummer: 56-1206

The chemoline® “Magic windmill”, in German called “Hui-Hui-Maschine”, is a dateless wooden toy that still amazes due to its simplicity.

It consists of a stick, a propeller and notches. If you rub the notches with a small piece of wood the propeller will turn. By saying out loud the word “hhhhuuuuiiiiiiii” the propeller will stop and turn in the other direction! Of course there is a little trick to this and people that don´t know the windmill usually aren´t able to make it work. Naturally you will get an easy-to-understand instruction manual. The windmill is 17cm long and is completely made of wood.

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