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Lightmill "Einstein"

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Einstein-Lichtmühle Bestellnummer: 56-1000

The hand-painted lightmill „Einstein“ is a real eye-catcher. Not only due to it´s astounding functionality but also for it´s special design. The elaborate arrangement of the formulas and constants will fascinate the spectator just as much as the rotation of the lightmill – it moves as if by an invisible hand! The lightmill, also known as Crookes´ radiometer as it was invented by the London-based chemist and physicist Sir William Crookes, is 22cm high with a diameter of 11cm. Crookes was the first to observe the radiometer effect and devoloped in 1873 a scienctific instrument that we call lightmill or Crookes´ radiometer today. Since then it is constructed almost in the same way and still astonishes the interested spectator. If you want to learn more about the “Lightmill Einstein” click here…

Our lightmill in action:

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