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Polo-Shirt "Wine analyst"

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Product description

Polo-Shirt "Weinanalytiker"

Polo-Shirt "Weinanalytiker"

To analyize a good wine, it is not enough to just taste it but to smell it. Even the color is important. Scientifical and technological knowledge compaired with a lot of practice qualify you as a real “Weinanalytiker” (wine analyst).

Sensory abilities can be trained! And it can be a lot of fun, too. Especially when you train it on the occasion of an exclusive wine tasting with good friends. Try to analyise and describe the taste, the smell and the visual effect of the wine you´re testing. The enjoyment of wine does not only involve your tounge. Your nose plays a role that is just as important. The taste buds in the tongue make it possible for us to recognize the taste of sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Our scent, however, allows us to differentiate between more than a thousand odors. But only the interaction between scent and taste opens the door to a world of pleasure. While smacking the wine, supported by the typical breathing and sipping, the aromatic substances get inevitably to the nose. It is here where the senses decide whether the wine is fruity or bloomy. Everyone who has ever had a flu will acknowledge the importance of smell to one´s ability to taste properly. Even your favorite dish then has a stale taste. To top the experience of wine-testing off, try to describe the color of each wine. If you follow these simple advises you´ll be a real wine analyst soon!

The logo displays a wine bottle, a wine glass and structural formulas of wine flavors. (By the courtesy of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Fischer, DLR Rheinpfalz, Section Viniculture and Enology in Mussbach / Neutstadt an der Weinstrasse).

Technical data

100% pure high-quality cotton, 200g/m2, short-sleeved
cord in fine piqué, a fabric with alternate with elevated and deepened parts
looks like quilted (piqué), doble fabric,
elastic double-stitched seams on sleeves, seams and collars
embroidered in Germany,
the yarn is made is of acid- and boil-proof material,
the logo consists of 6220 stitches

form: Men
colors: logo in silver and red on a black background

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