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The "Cartesian Diver"

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The "Cartesian Diver"

The "Cartesian Diver"

Our devil is a mouth-blown, hollow and multi-colored figure with a capillary orifice on its´ tail end.
The chemoLine®-clear-glass bottle is completely filled with water, the devil inserted and the bottle sealed hermetically with a rubber cap.

This is how it works: Impose pressure upon the rubber cap with your finger and the devil will sink to the bottomAgitate your finger and the devil will danceHold pressure and the devil will stay where it isIf you impose no pressure upon the rubber cap the devil will rise
When the water that has been pressed into the Cartesian Diver streams out, it causes a rotating movement around its´ body axis. The Cartesian Diver rises, while it is still twisting, to the surface. When it sinks to the ground, however, there is no rotation becaue the pressure increase happens much slower.

While the first to have the idea for the Cartesian Diver was René Descartes (16th century), who called himself Renatus Cartesius, the first to actually describe and publish it in a printed version ("Renitenza certissima dell' acqua alla compressione") was a student of Galilei, Raffaello Magiotti (1597-1656) who is therefor being considered as the real inventor of the Cartesian Diver. (Sources: W. Bürge, erschienen in "bild der wissenschaft"1988

According to a quite plausible interpretation, Descartes chose the form of a devil for the diver in order to challenge the church and their traditional perceptions due to the upcoming important role of rationality in those times. The diver, however, can be found in other forms as well: for example of a politician.
(Source: http://www.fh-muenchen.de/home/fb/fb06/labors/lab_didaktik/h-1-2.htm )
Physical principle:
Due to the fact that the Diver is hollow with a capillary orifice on its´ tail end, it is filled with a small air bubble. When the pressure on the water-filled clear-glass bottle is being increased, the air volume inside the devil is being reduced. Therefor the lift decreases and the Cartesian Diver sinks to the ground. With less pressure the air bubble inside the devil gets bigger and consequently causes a lift.

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