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T-shirt "Attention! Orange!"

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Available with the following slogans:

"T-Shirt Ächt Ätzend"

"T-Shirt toxy"

"T-Shirt feuer & flamme"

"T-Shirt na reizend"

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Product description

Achtung T-Shirts

Achtung T-Shirts mit Symbolen aus der Gefahrstoffverordnung

Made of 100% pure cotton
Different hazardous materials labels printed in black on on the front of an orange T-shirt.

Each of these four t-shirts from the chemoline® Attention!-series is decorated with a different hazardous materials label and a special creative subtext. The perfect gift for those working in the chemical industry and those who plan to become a chemist someday. A positive reaction is nearly guaranteed no matter if you want to rejoice your boss or your laboratory assistant by presenting one of these extraordinary T-shirts. But also in the related scientific disciplines the chemoline® Attention!-series is a real eyecatcher. The German slogans on 3 out of 4 of our T-shirts are funny puns and will be a real singularity in every laboratory outside Germany. As we will explain each pun (see below) you will be able to cut a good figure with your new German-skills as well! The combination of the international hazard symbols that everybody around the world will recognize and the German subtexts will get you a lot of attention.

Available with the following slogans:

“Ächt ätzend”: This German pun means – literally translated – “really corrosive”. People with some German skills will probably think: “Stop! The word “Ächt” doesn´t exist in German!” Well, that´s true – and not true. In order to make it even more catchy we substituted the correct word “echt” (which means “real”) with the artificial word “ächt”. Et voilá! Now we even have an alliteration and still due to the phonetically likeness every German will understand directly. But where´s the pun? And especially: Where´s the fun?!? In German we use the colloquial term “Echt ätzend” if something really sucks! Quite a statement, isn´t it?

“Feuer und Flamme”: When Germans think that something is a terrific idea they say they are “Feuer und Flamme” which means they are totally enthusiastic about it. An example: “When I told him about my vacation plans he was totally Feuer und Flamme!” Literally translated it means “Fire and Flame”.

“Na reizend”: This sarcastic expression usually means that someone has been behaving in a really impertinant way. Literally translated this pun means something like “That (or he or she) was (or is) relly charming” – and one actually means the opposite. The word “reizend”, here in the sense of “charming” has some other meanings as well – the most frequently used are: “to tempt” and “to irritate”. So there we have the connection to the scientific world: We say “reizend” as well when a chemical irritates the skin, for example.

“Toxi” Well, this one is an exception. As the abbreviation “toxi” stands for the German “toxisch” and the English “toxic”, there´s not much left to explain.

Washing instructions:

Wash inside out – overprint always turned to the inside – max. 40 C
Machine Wash - Select "gentle or delicate cycle"
During the first cycles please wash with clothes of similar color
Iron inside out – by ironing the imprint regains fresh brilliancy each time!

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