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T-Shirt "GHS"

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Product description

T-Shirt "GHS"

T-Shirt "GHS"

Made of 100% pure cotton 180g/m⊃2

The GHS-symbol is printed in black on a white background on the front of a red T-shirt.

In the context of the new GHS Regulation (Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals) labeling regulations for chemical products have been internationally harmonized. Since january 2009 it has completely replaced older systems. The labeling has been developed under the patronage of the United Nations. The objective of the new system is the international harmonization of the classification, labeling and packaging of chemical products.

But not only those working in the chemical branch should memorize the new labels. It doesn´t matter if you use solvent-containing cleaner, varnish from the do-it-yourself store or if you deal with sufuric acid from the battery of your car – the new GHS Labeling helps you to get basic informations about the dangerousness of a material or a product.

Our T-shirts combine a trendy design, fun and learning effect!

Washing instructions:

Wash inside out – overprint always turned to the inside – max. 30 C
Machine Wash - Select "gentle or delicate cycle"
Do not use bleachers
No chemical purification
Do not use a dryer
Iron inside out – do not iron the overprint

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