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T-shirt "Thinking"

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T-shirt "Thinking"

T-shirt "Thinking"

Bicolor print on pure american cotton, Belcoro-thread™ heavyweight. Generously sized, maximum stability of shape, collar made of cotton / spandex with twin seam, double quilting seam on the neckline, arm holes and waistband.
Weight: 185gr./m2

The progress bar reflects the mood of the average student of chemistry after his first lecture of “physical chemistry”.

Sir Francis Bacon Armor's Axiom: “Virtue is the failure to achieve vice. Psychologists think they're experimental psychologists. Experimental psychologists think they're biologists. Biologists think they're biochemists. Biochemists think they're chemists. Chemists think they're physical chemists. Physical chemists think they're physicists. Physicists think they're theoretical physicists. Theoretical physicists think they're mathematicians. Mathematicians think they're metamathematicians. Metamathematicians think they're philosophers. Philosophers think they're gods.”
Francis Bacon, english philosopher and statesman (* 22th of january 1561 in London; † 9th of april 1626 in Highgate)

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